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Good Corporate Governance

Whistle Blowing System

The Whistleblowing System is Indonesia Eximbank’s answer to an effective fraud control system, which would ensure the implementation of Good Corporate Governance principles.

Whistle Blowing System

The system
The following violations may be reported through the Whistleblowing System;

  • Legal violations, e.g. forging signatures, corruption, embezzlement, mark-up fraud, narcotics abuse, and destruction of property;
  • Violations of the Indonesia Eximbank Code of Conduct, e.g. conflicts of interest, harassment, and involving oneself in banned communities;
  • Committing fraud in the following business practices; financing, underwriting, insurance, and consultation services including institutional funding, fund allocations, and other operational activities that may cause financial or non-financial distress to the institution;
  • Violations of general accounting principles and Indonesia Eximbank’s standard operational procedures;
  • Committing actions that jeopardize the health and safety of the workplace.

Submitting a report
Reports of violations may be submitted through the following channels;

Whistleblower Protection
Indonesia Eximbank takes the following measures to protect whistleblowers;

  • Providing the whistleblower with a free, independent, and confidential reporting system;
  • Protecting the anonymity of the whistleblower;
  • Protecting the whistleblower from any attempts of retaliation from the reported party.

Report Handling
Reports will be forwarded to the verification team under the direct supervision of the Head of Compliance unit. Ensuing investigations shall be highly confidential and conducted by the Internal Audit Task Force in collaboration with Human Resources Department.