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Through a series of programs dedicated to the empowerment of export-oriented small to medium-scale enterprises (SMEs), Indonesia Eximbank hopes to help these businesses maximize their potential and boost their productivity, in a mission to boost national export growth.

Export-oriented SME Loans

Indonesia Eximbank readily supports export-conducting SMEs and their supporting ventures, otherwise known as export-oriented SMEs (UKME), by providing them with export financing facilities in the form of export working capital and investment financing.


Export-oriented small to medium-scale enterprises (SMEs) are especially important veins in the Indonesian economy. Through extensive support from the government, many of them have begun exporting their products outside of Indonesia and into the global market. This marks an exciting development in the Indonesian economy, as Indonesian businesses are becoming increasingly prominent in international trade.

To accommodate for this, Indonesia Eximbank offers export investment and financing services directed at export-oriented businesses, including those new to exporting. Our financial assistance services are designed to provide adequate financial assistance tailored to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Indonesia Eximbank also offers export insurance to protect businesses from potential risks in exporting, from loan default to political risks in an export destination country, and many others.

Financing is provided in the form of Export Working Capital and Export Investment Financing. In 2016, a new export credit facility called the KURBE Program was introduced to help export-oriented businesses gain access to affordable funding. 

The program helps SMEs in need of financing to expand their business capacity, and/or to repair and restore production facilities. It also finances businesses looking to provide for raw and supporting materials from inside and outside of country. 

Business enterprises of both legal and non legal entity status, including individuals, domiciled within Indonesian territory.

IDR, USD, and other acceptable currencies.

Application Procedure
Please submit the application letter and enclose all necessary documents, including;