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Capacity Building  |  19 Mar 2018

Building Riau’s Export-oriented SMEs

Pekanbaru, 19 - 20 March 2018 -- Indonesia Eximbank held counseling and training programs centred around how to start exporting, on 19 - 20 March 2018, in Pekanbaru, Riau. The event was held in preparation for the Digital Handholding Program (DHP), a new, digital tech-centred consultative service provided by Indonesia Eximbank. The DHP program aims to accompany, facilitate, and nurture export-oriented SMEs, so that they may market, promote, and expand access to their products in the global e-commerce market.

The event was a collaboration between Indonesia Eximbank, Universitas Riau (UNRI), University Network for Indonesia Export Development (UNIED), Bank Indonesia, the Riau Department of Industry and Trade, the Riau Department of Consumers’ Cooperatives (Koperasi) and SME, and several other associations under the Riau provincial government, including the Indonesian Association of Producers and Handicrafts (ASEPHI), the Department of Regional National Crafts (DEKRANASDA), the Indonesian Association of Export and Import Professions, the Indonesian Muslim Entrepreneurs Community (KPMI), and the Indonesian Association of Women Entrepreneurs (IWAPI).


As many as 130 export-oriented SMEs, each from different parts of the Riau province, attended the event, showing a considerable amount of enthusiasm among business agents to learn how to be capable exporters, including in the global e-commerce market. Indonesia Eximbank Executive Director Ms. Sinthya Roesly stated that the training programs would prepare export-oriented SMEs in Pekanbaru and in other Riau cities to enter the global marketplace. Indonesia Eximbank, she continued, is aware that global e-commerce is the new generation of trade; the institution’s breakthrough DHP program was created in response to this, to support national export growth.

On the first day of the event, participants attended a presentation  to become a successful entrepreneur, courtesy of Dr. Djahrizal M.Si and Dr. Macashin M.Si from Universitas Riau (UNRI), and a presentation on how to start exporting by export practitioners. On the second day, participants were introduced to global e-commerce, where they were educated on social media marketing, brand image, portfolio and packaging. These training materials were provided as an introduction for businesses with the potential to utilize the global marketplace as one alternative to global marketing access. 

Indonesia Eximbank’s Commitment to Support Export-oriented SMEs
Indonesia Eximbank is committed to provide export-oriented SMEs with continuous support by providing export financing in the form of export working capital and export investment financing. In 2017, Indonesia Eximbank’s financing towards export-oriented SMEs grew up to 22,76% throughout the year.

Aside from financing services, Indonesia Eximbank also offers consultation services, one of which includes the Coaching Program for New Exporters (CPNE). This ongoing program consists of a number of activities such as training, exhibitions, and companionship provided by Indonesia Eximbank until a certain period of time until participants are properly equipped to become new exporters. The program also aims to increase community empowerment as an effort to increase the economic condition of local communities, and to create jobs for local residents.