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Capacity Building  |  20 Jun 2019

30 SMEs Participates in Digital Handholding Program to enter Global Marketplace

Digital Handholding Program (DHP) was held at Atlantic City Hotel, Bandung on June 19th-20th 2019 which was attended by 30 SMEs to prepare themselves to become new exporters using the global marketplace platform.

"From here, we must realize that digital marketing turned out to be ineffective without being accompanied by appropriate assistance, guidance and protection", said Mr. Yadi Jaya Ruchandi as LPEI Senior Executive Vice President (Indonesia Eximbank) when delivering a speech at Go Live Special the Training.

The event also invited speakers Mr. Sapto Tanoyo and Mr. Adetruman (digital marketing and exporter practitioners) with Content Management materials (copywriting & photo sessions) which also directed the payment gateway registration and superior product listing process.