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About Us

Corporate Culture

Indonesia Eximbank’s code of conduct contains a set of principles abbreviated as TRUST. TRUST reflects the institution’s core corporate culture, and is aimed at creating an institution built on optimal work ethics, responsibility and productivity. 

Budaya Lembaga

T Trustworthy

Upholding integrity based on sincerity and honesty, while executing and regarding the Indonesia Eximbank Code of Ethics with respect, so as to be able to gain and maintain public trust.

R Reliable

Performing duties professionally and adeptly by applying principles of good governance and risk management, as well as acting proactively in order to achieve high-quality results.

U Unique

Upholding respect and full commitment towards the functions, duties, and authorities of a specialized financial institution.

S Service Excellence

Providing professional, excellent service, exceeding the expectations of Indonesia Eximbank’s stakeholders.

T Teamwork

Being oriented to the achievement of Indonesia Eximbank's vision and mission, by applying cooperation based on solid, effective, and efficient teamwork, by nurturing mutual respect among authorities.

General Information

Established in 2009, Indonesia Eximbank is a financial institution under the Government of the Republic of Indonesia. Its main objective is to boost national export growth and to assist exporters in expanding their business capacity.


Since its establishment in 2009, Indonesia Eximbank has made continuous progress in fulfilling its mandate of boosting national export. The following are some of our achievements. 

Organization Structure

A comprehensive organization structure, along with policies and sufficient SOPs, is one component of Indonesia Eximbank’s risk exposure management.