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Good Corporate Governance

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Content of Code of Conduct

In performing Indonesia Eximbank operational activities, employees must maintain employee Code of Ethics, which are:

  1. In compliance and adhere to all prevailing Laws and regulations.
  2. Perform accurate recording.
  3. Prevention from unfair competition.
  4. Do not conduct abuse of authorities for personal interest.
  5. Prevention from involvement in decision making to avoid conflict of intrest.
  6. Maintaining customers and Indonesia Eximbank confidentiality.
  7. Calculating detrimental impact from every policy set by Indonesia Eximbank toward economy, social and environment.
  8. Do no receive gifts or benefits to enrich the individual and family.
  9. Do not take actions that can detriment professional images.

Code of Conduct in all Level of Organization

Code of Conduct Dissemination, Implementation and Enforcement

Conducted by HR & General Affairs Division through Lotus Notes media and by Compliance Division through official intranet of Indonesia Eximbank.

Sanctions for Code of Conduct

Violations Every oral, written information or conduct of Employees that violate the Code of Conduct contents as stated in the Executive Director Regulation on Code of Conduct are considered Code of Conduct Violation. Code of conduct violation reporting both external and internal of Indonesia Eximbank refers to the whistleblowing system mechanisms.

The Executive Director has the authority to render sanction to all levels of Employees, however in its implementation some of its authorities can be delegated without substitution rights to the following executives:

  1. Employees in charge as Head of Department Position Group have the authority to render Light Sanctions such as Oral Warning Letter limited to direct Employees.
  2. Employees in charge as Head of Division Position Group have the authority to render Light Sanctions such as First Warning Letter to Third Warning Letter limited to direct Employees under its Unit.
  3. Head of HR & General Affairs Division has the authority to render all Light Sanctions and Moderate Sanctions such as Written Strong Warning Letters to all Employees.

Total Code of Conduct Violations and Sanctions Rendered in 2018
Throughout 2018 there was no violation of the code of ethics, thus no sanctions were given.

Board of Director

In conducting their day-to-day duties, the Board of Directors and the Executive Director are directed by a manual, which contains a set of guidelines that they are encouraged to consult to. The manual provides an explanation of Indonesia Eximbank’s structure, roles, and authorities, and contains several provisions on task allocation and work ethic, all tailored specifically to support the Institution’s vision and mision.

Managing Director

The manual of the Managing Directors explains structure, role and responsibility, tasks divisionalization, meetings, organization, and work ethic as guidance in achieving vision and mision of the Institution.