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Products & Services

Products and Services

We are committed to continuously support national export performances by providing exporters with financing, guarantees, insurance and advisory services.

Trade Receivables Protection

Indonesia Eximbank's insurance services are designed to provide transactional comfort by protecting businesses from risks of export failure, loan default, failed investments made by Indonesian companies abroad, and political risks in an export destination country.

Trade Receivables Protection

Indonesia Eximbank provides protection for businesses in the event that a buyer’s payment is not received due to political and/or commercial risks.

Benefit to


Businesses receive protection and guarantee from potential payment failures in an export/export-supporting transaction to enter a new market.



Businesses both of legal and non-legal entity status, including individuals, domiciled within Indonesian territory.



IDR, USD, and other acceptable currencies.



Submitting the application letter for the relevant financing facility and other corresponding documents.