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Products & Services

Products and Services

We are committed to continuously support national export performances by providing exporters with financing, guarantees, insurance and advisory services.

Capacity Building

Indonesia Eximbank’s Capacity Building Program focuses on enhancing the abilities of individuals, groups, and organizations in order to boost national export performance.

Indonesia Eximbank's Capacity Building program consists of training, counseling and/or exhibitions directed at export-oriented SMEs. These activities aim to elevate knowledge and understanding of the export sector and its activities, which would help create competitiveness among exporters and boost the value of Indonesian-made export products. Training and counseling programs are held at the initiative of the institution or as part of a co-branding partnership with other institutions, while exhibitions allow selected export-conducting businesses from the institution's CPNE program to showcase their products, both on a national and international scale.

Allowing both exporters and stakeholders to receive training and/or counseling on exporting affairs, which include the production of goods, as well as the services provided by Indonesia Eximbank (financing, guarantees, and insurance).


Application Procedure
Potential participants must submit an application letter and other corresponding documents to Indonesia Eximbank or the institution's secretarial division.