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31 Jan 2019

The Importance of Eximbank in Nurturing Indonesian SMEs

In order to improve the quality of export goods produced by small and medium enterprises (SME), Indonesia Eximbank focuses itself, among its other services, on providing guidance through consultation and training programs. The Coaching Program for New Exporters (CPNE) is one of these programs, where SMEs receive training and starter modules to ensure that businesses looking to start exporting are prepared and equipped with adequate exporting knowledge. Through the CPNE program, Indonesia Eximbank plans to prepare as many reliable exporters as possible to compete in the global market, especially businesses characterized as SMEs. 

According to the Executive Director of Indonesia Eximbank, Ms. Sinthya Roesly, the institution targets a new increase of targets concerning the amount of Indonesian SMEs, targeted to reach as many as two hundred SMEs. With this increase of targets, Indonesia Eximbank hopes to also increase national export activity as a whole. Allowing more businesses the opportunity to export their products would ultimately lead to the prosperity of Indonesian citizens.

To commemorate the new target and as a first step in executing the program, Indonesia Eximbank held the annual Trade Expo Indonesia exhibitions in October. Through the event, Indonesia Eximbank enabled exporters to meet prospective buyers directly, both in and outside the country. The event gave SMEs the chance to measure their abilities and showcase their products to visitors and fellow business owners alike. Similarly, exporters gained experience, assistance, training, competitiveness, and product marketing strategies.

Earlier that year, Indonesia Eximbank also participated in the annual Dhawa Fest Charm event which was held for three days in May. Here, Indonesia Eximbank involved several SMEs under their affiliation to participate in the event. The Indonesian Minister of Finance, Ms. Sri Mulyani, greatly appreciated this annual event, as the event enabled various assisted SMEs from all regions of Indonesia to gather and showcase their products to one another. The event also aimed to encourage people to love and purchase domestic products, while opening opportunities to increase Indonesian exports so that they can be marketed abroad.

PT Bali Tangi and CV La Chidehafu are two export-oriented SMEs affiliated with Indonesia Eximbank. After receiving financing from Indonesia Eximbank, these two companies were able to increase production capacity by more than fifteen percent compared to figures from the previous year. PT Bali Tangi produces beauty products made from organic and natural ingredients. They have successfully entered the global market by exporting their products to Russia, the Maldives, Australia, and the Netherlands. CV La Chidehafu, on the other hand, is a producer of garment and leather goods, including clothing, wallets, clutches, shoes, and bags. The company has exported goods to Japan, South Korea, Turkey, the United Kingdom, Singapore, and Italy.

Together with the government, Indonesia Eximbank will continue to nurture and help SMEs increase their export capabilities so that they may compete in the global market. This can be achieved through financial funding to help SMEs produce high-quality products, and through training programs aimed at equipping SMEs with adequate exporting knowledge.