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12 Feb 2019

Minister of Finance officially inaugurates Indonesia Eximbank Office

The Minister of Finance and the Ministry of Finance inaugurated the new office of  Indonesia Eximbank. As one of the government's Special Mission Vehicle (SMV) to support exports, the new office that has sufficient infrastructure can make LPEI be more able to to take part in the Indonesian export ecosystem.

The momentum of the inauguration was also utilized by the Minister of Finance to remind how ambitious the reasons why LPEI has been established. This is conveyed so that all levels of LPEI employees can also be aware of this. "LPEI was established with a very ambitious mission, and this must be realized by the entire Board of Directors up to each of employees, which to be able to do things that other financial institutions are not able to do in order to develop national exports," said Sri Mulyani at the opening remarks in LPEI’s new office  at Prosperity Tower SCBD, South Jakarta.


Sri Mulyani continued, LPEI was also formed with quite special mandates and indicators of success that were also quite special. "I am happy, I saw display of goods from a new exporter. This is a successful indicator. LPEI does not only work on the bottom of finding big cooperation exporters, "said Sri Mulyani after seeing one part of the LPEI office that would be used as an export gallery.

Meanwhile LPEI Executive Director Sinthya Roesly also expressed her optimism and gratitude for the support of the Ministry of Finance. "The presence of the Indonesian Minister of Finance and staff, and the LPEI Board of Directors at the inauguration of this office provided support and optimism for all of the LPEI employees and management to face 2019 which is also quite challenging for us".


Sri Mulyani hopes that LPEI can play a large role in the current account that has a deficit. Recorded during 2018, Indonesia's Current Account experienced a deficit of USD 8.57 billion or the worst in history. Imports cannot be prevented from increasing because of the need for raw materials and stabilizing goods price, so that exports must be able to be increased more expansively with various strategic initiatives.

The LPEI employees also received new spirit and motivation when Minister of Finance who was also the Director of the World Bank not only visited the inauguration room but also toured the tables of LPEI employees. The employees also had the opportunity to discuss with the Indonesian Minister of Finance and all levels of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia.