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14 Nov 2019

Indonesia Eximbank Goes to Campus 2019: Universitas Hasanuddin Makassar

MAKASSAR - Indonesia Eximbank (IEB) held export education to the academic community of the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) Hasanuddin University, on Thursday (11/14/2019).

The activity titled Share & Aware About Export is packaged in the IEB Goes to Campus, which is then oriented to provide a more detailed understanding of export activities and all elements related to it.

For a broader scale, this activity is expected to form a young generation of ecosystems that are export-literate and have great attention to the sector.

The educational target is not only limited to strengthening export understanding, but also provides an overview for an audience consisting of students, academics and business people to get information about activities and start export activities.

Sinthya Roesly, Executive Director of Indonesia Eximbank, said that this activity was estimated to be able to provide insight to the younger generation and form a mindset that export activities are something that is easy for anyone to do.

According to him, it is very important to build attention to the export sector since young so that all elements of the nation can provide great attention to exports and their development becomes more inclusive.

This also refers to the statement of President Joko Widodo who often reminded investment and exports to be pillars that support Indonesia's economic growth.

The key to supporting these two pillars is the existence of superior Human Resources (HR). In the Indonesia Gold mission in 2045 or 100 years of independence, the young generation who are currently still students, will later be the key to national economic growth.

Therefore, Indonesia Eximbank has the responsibility to provide facilities, build capacity, and grow the spirit of students, so that they can contribute in the national export chain.

"We want to inspire and invite superior human resources to be built early to support national exports. And ensure that all can be involved as long as they have the determination and creativity in export, "he explained in Makassar.

The benefits of export development include the flow of foreign exchange into the country, growing employment, and building the image of Indonesia as a global global business player.

Sinthya added, in the IEB Goes to Campus event, his party also held an open house to invite Unhas students who want to join in developing exports with Indonesia Eximbank.

"We also open space for the best and superior talents from Hasanuddin University to contribute to the country by joining LPEI," he said.

The IEB Goes to Campus activity is a joint synergy between Indonesia Eximbank and the University Network for Indonesia Export Development (UNIED), on this occasion represented by the Chair of UNIED in 2019, namely Diponegoro University.

UNIED is a network of 11 State Universities as a forum to help provide solutions in developing Indonesian exports both as a network of knowledge, enablers, and facilitators.

As for Hasanuddin University, it is included in the UNIED network and is the second venue for this year's IEB Goes to Campus after Semarang Dipenogoro University.

Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) Unhas Prof. Dr. Abd. Rahman Kadir, SE., Msi CIPM in his speech said that export activities are one form of proof that a country has competitiveness in terms of quality products.

"One of the elements of the economy is exports, and this is a joint responsibility especially to further encourage exports to develop even more," he said.

In this case, he continued, his party as an academic institute is ready to collaborate to encourage sustainable research so that domestic exports are more attractive, especially with Indonesia Eximbank