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15 Jan 2020

Indonesia Eximbank and LNSW Agreed on Cooperation to Establish the Joint Export Office

Wednesday-January 15, 2020 The Ministry of Finance's National Single Window (LNSW) Ministry of Finance inaugurates the Joint Export Office which aims to facilitate coordination between stakeholders in providing easy access to information for exporters including Indonesian MSME exporters and in the future as a means for exporters to can carry out consultations related to export activities. The Joint Export Office will involve several stakeholders in the export sector such as the Directorate General of Customs and Excise (DJBC) of the Indonesian Ministry of Finance, the Directorate General of Tax (DJP) of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia, the Indonesian Export Financing Institution (Indonesia Eximbank) and export business players in the country


LNSW itself is a work unit that is under and responsible to the Minister of Finance who has the task of carrying out the management of the Indonesia National Single Window and the implementation of the Indonesia National Single Window System in handling customs documents, official documents, licensing documents, port/documents, and other documents, which is related to exports and/or imports electronically.


The Head of the National Single Window Institution, M.Agus Rofiudin, said "The National Single Window Institution is committed to providing a Joint Export Office located in the LNSW Office building that can be used by all stakeholders in the export sector such as the Indonesia Eximbank, Directorate General Customs and Excise, Directorate General of Taxes and export business players in the country.


On the same occasion, Secretary-General of the Ministry of Finance, Hadiyanto revealed "the opening of the Joint Export Office is believed to be a step and a good intention to create collaboration between stakeholders so that later on any matters that must and are immediately communicated regarding exports can become easier with the existence of a Joint Export Office located in the LNSW office, Jakarta. The location is also close to the Tanjung Priok port and the DJBC office.


The presence of the Joint Export Office aims to encourage 3 important things. First, it is the provision of access to information in the form of integration of information from various stakeholders or Ministries / Institutions involved in the export business process activities. Exporters, especially MSMEs who are not familiar with the business process flow of the licensing system for export activities, can use the Joint Export Office to hold discussions with relevant stakeholders such as DJBC and DJP

Second, related to financing.  difficulty of financingproblem most often faced by exporters, especially MSMEs. The exporters of UMKM are one of the focuses in achieving the increase in national exports, considering the number of MSMEs in Indonesia continues to increase every year, which is around 59.2 million in 2019 according to the Ministry of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises (Kemenkop UKM). However, the development of MSMEs in Indonesia is still often stalled due to various obstacles. With the existence of the Joint Export Office, it is expected to be able to bring fresh air to the SMEs in Indonesia, where the existence of Indonesia Eximbank will greatly ease the SMEs, especially related to technical information and financing mechanisms for the export of their products.


third is about market access. This is often overlooked by SMEs when discussing export activities. With this Joint Export Office, SMEs can get "insight" on "market information" to market their superior products. So for example, so far the SMEs only export activities to Korea, it turns out that the European market is also one of the "marketplaces" that have great potential to receive their products. The opportunity to gain knowledge of market research can be comprehensively obtained by the SMEs in the Joint Export Office.


Executive Director of  Indonesia Eximbank, Daniel James Rompas, said, "The inauguration of the Joint Export Office today is one of the follow-up forms of the MoU that was signed on December 16, 2019, by Indonesia Eximbank and LNSW related to the flow of data related to export information imports needed by potential exporters, especially MSME scale exporters. Indonesia Eximbank will continue to strive to develop export-oriented MSMEs that will inevitably require cooperation with all parties

On this occasion, LNSW also did a soft launching of the INSWMobile application. This application can later be used to access licensing document tracking, PIB status documents, NIB and Certificate of Origin (SKA / CoO) as well as information regarding prohibitions and restrictions (lartas) on Indonesia National Trade Repository (INTR) page via mobile devices. Because of its mobile nature, it will certainly make it easier for business people to access various information they need anywhere and anytime.