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21 Dec 2019

“Desa Devisa” Indonesia Eximbank Won 2019 Mental Revolution Award

Jakarta, 21 December 2019 - Jembrana Kerta Semaya Samaniya Cooperative (KSS), Bali won the 2019 Mental Revolution Award in the cooperative category. This award was given by the Coordinating Ministry for Human Development and Culture (Kemenko PMK) RI.The awarding is a follow up of Presidential Instruction No. 12 of 2016 concerning the National Movement for Mental Revolution (GNRM). This award was given directly by the President of the Republic of Indonesia Mr. Joko Widodo at the National Coordination Meeting (National Coordination Meeting) of the Mental Revolution and the Granting of the Mental Revolution Award in 2019.


The KSS Cooperative located in Jembrana, West Bali is a participant of the LPEI Community Development program. Assistance has been carried out since 2012, so as to be able to help the SSC Cooperative to obtain international certification for cocoa commodities, assistance with production facilities, as well as a number of training related to exports. In 2015, the KSS Cooperative was finally able to make its first export to France. Until 2019, the KSS Cooperative has consistently been able to export to a number of countries such as Belgium, France, Russia, and the United Kingdom. Jembrana Cacao Cooperative KSS products do have special features because cacao is first through a standardized fermentation process.


This success can also be felt directly by the Jembrana community. At least, until 2018, 609 farmers will be registered as fostered farmers from the KSS Cooperative. In addition, farmers are also able to increase their production capability, in 2012 they were only able to produce 2 tons of fermented cocoa beans and in 2017 increased to 57 tons.


This success is a struggle of 609 farmers supported by LPEI and the Regional Government in advancing the Commodity of Cocoa in Nusasari Village, Jembrana, Bali.

“Our struggle is not easy to gather 609 farmers if multiplied by their family members around 2000 members who are very dependent on the Cooperative for their lives. So we would like to extend our thanks to Indonesia Eximbank, "said Agung Widiastuti, the SSC Cooperative Advisor from the Kalimajari Foundation on the sidelines of the inauguration of the Foreign Exchange Village in Bali, Jembrana


The awarding of the Mental Revolution to the KSS Cooperative is done as a form of effort to give a real appreciation by the Government to those who have taken the initiative and become the pioneers of change in society such as the bureaucracy that serves prima, the education system that prints superior and characterized resources, a just economic system and various initiatives involving stakeholders in cooperation to realize collective behavior with integrity and work ethic.

The KSS Cooperative won this award because in its activities it paid attention to several elements, namely:

1. Fundamental actions that have been taken;

2. Providing change and positive impact (impactful) on the community; and

3. Presenting spaces of social justice to the surrounding community.


LPEI as Special Mission Vehicles (SMV) of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia which was established under Law No. 2 of 2009 is indeed mandated to accelerate the increase in national exports, increase national production capabilities that are highly competitive and have advantages for exports, and encourage the development of SMEs and scale cooperative to develop export-oriented products.


As of June 2019, LPEI has channeledRp 15.8 trillion in financing to export-oriented SMEs. Aside from the business portfolio, LPEI also has a Coaching Program for New Exporter (CPNE) and Digital Handholding Program in terms of Consultancy Services which is a mentoring for SMEs and Cooperatives who have not been able to export until they can export themselves. Until the end of 2019, 38 new exporters from all over Indonesia have been produced through this program.


Previously LPEI inaugurated the KertaSemayaSamaniya Cooperative in Jembrana, Bali as a Foreign Exchange Village. This is done as an initial strategic step to increase exports at the scale of SMEs and cooperatives by optimizing the commodities of each region in Indonesia.